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Don's wife, Deb, heads the office and customer service. The family prides itself not only in the woods but at the mill to provide quality products and to treat their customers with respect. Don's son Garrett Guldenschuh has been buying timber for the company for the last 10 years.

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On October 4th, the Sierra Lumber Company was incorporated. In September 1880 the railroad began planning a meter gauge line from their mill at Lyonsville deeper into their timber holdings and potentially, even further into Plumas county. In March of 1881 construction began from Lyonsville.

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One of the largest company towns was the Kinzua operation in Wheeler County. Established in 1928 as a ponderosa pine production center, Kinzua housed 700 residents at its peak. With the harvestable timber exhausted, the mill closed in 1978, and the town was demolished.

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Berdoll Sawmill is a family owned and operated sawmill near Austin, Texas. We take pride in producing the highest quality, kiln dried natural and live edge slabs and furniture grade lumber available. We exclusively harvest and mill native Texas hardwood logs from sustainable sources.

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Timber Sales - How To Sell Timber. Timber sales can be complex, but forest landowners can make the most of this unique opportunity to generate revenue and achieve ownership goals. We encourage landowners to review this material and to seek the advice of a professional forester before deciding to sell their timber.

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To request a site visit and to find out more about timber sales contact your local Georgia Forestry Commission Forester.. It is recommended that you engage the services of a Consulting Forester and a Timber Buyer/Harvester* when selling your timber. It is also recommended that you use a Forest Products Sales Contract when conducting a timber sale.

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Jan 21, 2019· The quality of your timber: Quality affects timber values as it does any other product. The volume of timber you can sell: Logging requires heavy equipment and employees, so larger volumes of timber translate to higher profit margins. The distance from the closest market: Transportation of forest products is expensive. Local mills should be ...

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2013 Illinois Sawmill Directory Forestry and forest products businesses and industry are economically important for Illinois representing 10s of billions of dollars from forestry, wood and forest product manufacturing and industry annually. In a recent analysis funded by …

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Welcome to the site of TIMBER MULE Portable Sawmills, this is a sawmill that cuts with a band making a high quality cut. We build several models, from small manual mills perfect for home owners, to larger mills for making a business of cutting lumber for commercial needs. - Sell Your Trees, We Buy Trees, Tree Buyers

M&G Sawmill - Purveyor of Fireplace Mantels, Slabs, Bar tops made from Aromatic Cedar Mesquite, Walnut and other woods native to Texas. We also Carry Hardwood Lumber, quarter sawn red or white oak, mesquite, hickory, pecan, Osage orange, walnut.

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Piedmont Land & Timber is a full service timber company based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Our Goal is to offer each of our clients a professional logging operation, top financial return for their timber, along with a forest management plan to ensure a forest for the future.

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30 · 100 Sawmills Companies in Mississippi. Search or browse our list of Sawmills companies in Mississippi by category or location.

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Buying Standing Timber in Michigan. The timber professionals at Elder's Forest Products travel all over Michigan to purchase standing trees from land owners. Selling your timber is a great way to make some money as well as clear land for any projects you have planned in the future.

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By 1854 there were nine mills on the bay. Though only three years old, Eureka produced more lumber than any other Pacific area. By 1859, the area around Humboldt Bay was "the most extensive lumber district in the state", according to a state report. Within 30 years the North Coast had 400 mills cutting some of the largest trees in the world.

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30 · 74 Sawmills Companies in West ia. Search or browse our list of Sawmills companies in West ia by category or location. ... Sawmills in West ia. Manta has 74 companies under Sawmills in West ia ... Shingleton Timber And Trucking, Inc (304) 496-7055 Get Listed on Manta. It's Free! Thousands of people add their company to ...

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Linn Lumber Sawmills has been producing high quality bandsaw sawmills, kits, parts, and partial assemblies in Oregon since 1991. Whatever your needs may be, we can help you attain your goal of owning your own bandsaw sawmill.

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Woodland Mills portable sawmills are engineered to be the highest quality, best valued sawmills in their class, offering the same precision cutting abilities as much more expensive mills. Our easy to use, intuitive designs will have you milling lumber like a seasoned sawyer in no time!

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Loggers / Timber Buyers . ... The Master Logger Directory provides a list of loggers, by county and by last name, who have completed the Florida Master Logger course. ... Our website covers core products such as standing timber, logs, forest residue, and mill by-products in the U.S. and Canada.

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Summarized timber price information specific to Arkansas is provided by Timber Mart-South. These prices represent statewide averages for pine and hardwood timber products. These are stumpage prices, which reflect the value of standing timber (not delivered prices). Timber …

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North Carolina Timber Buyers by Company Name 1/17/2019 ... All-Woods Logging Logging Company 2671 Charlie Long Road Hurdle Mills, NC (919) 818-5957 All-Woods Timber Co Inc Wood Dealer/Supplier 2671 Charlie Long Rd. Hurdle Mills, NC (336) ... sponsorship of any …