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rosser head 640 morbark rosser head debarker includes infeed conveyor, operators cab, "no outfeed" approx 1984 : 1635: 1: rosser head 640 morbark rosser head debarker w/detroit diesel engine, log deck, infeed & outfeed, mounted on trailor : 1062: 1: rosser head c-16 morbark rosserhead debarker with infeed & outfeed : 1166: 1


Debarker Infeed Conveyor, 16" x 18'L; Flighted chain; w/ drive ... Nicholson Debarker Infeed (To be sold after Lot 210 Nicholson A4 Debarker) 203 Skid Mounted Modular 27" Bull Edger; Infeed Rollcase, 28"x 10'; Outfeed Rollcase 25" x 12'; Control panel, turner, 5 Laser Lights; s/n 2031; 200HP 1185 RPM 575V; 27' Waste chain conveyor; ...

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- 50' log haul infeed to debarker w/drive - 43" Salem/Brunette ring debarker with drives, HPU (estimated weight of debarker 50,000#) - Operator cab & controls for the debarker - 50' log haul outfeed with kickers with drive - 50' log haul infeed conveyor to log Cut OFF Saw

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Barking Drum Discharge Conveyor Chain; Barking Drum Infeed Conveyor Chain; Chipper Infeed Conveyor Chain; Grit Collector Conveyor Chain; Positive Feed / Power Feed Conveyor Chain; Precipitator Conveyor Chain; Ring Debarker Infeed Conveyor Chain; Slasher Deck Conveyor Chain

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Lumber, Plywood/Veneer, and OSB plants. The In-feed Conveyor is used to feed the De-Barker, spacing the logs so they go through one at a time. HOW THEY WORK: The De-Barker In-feed Conveyor is a chain conveyor, controlled by the operator. If more than one log is in the system the Infeed Conveyor will stop until the first is fully into the De-Barker.

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Feed Conveyors. Infeed Conveyor The addition of a LINDSAY self-centering log infeed conveyor into the debarker line greatly increases the efficiency while reducing the required maintenance of the debarker. This is accomplished by consistently presenting the log at the exact center of the feed works and debarker ring.

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Home / Products / Ring Debarker Infeed Conveyor Chain / Ring Debarker Infeed/Outfeed Lists N95 Contact Information ProSeriesContactInformation MaxDRPContactInformation BucyrusContactInformation UltraEdgeLHD Ring Debarker Infeed/Outfeed. ESCO wood processing products offer the highest performance with well-designed and field-proven parts. ...

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ANDRITZ engineers debarking systems and debarkers, including infeed conveyors from the drum discharge to the chipper infeed. Regardless of climate or species. The engineered solution ensures suitability to wood processing production requirements.

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Salem 35" Mark II Ring Debarker. Salem 35" Mark II Ring Debarker. Complete with all drive motors, controls, and lubrication system. Also includes 26' long infeed hourglass rollcase with (5) stop gates for optional trim saw.


An infeed conveyor for feeding wood of a variety of types and lengths to a debarking drum which can be adjusted in height so as to optimize the infeed conditions as desired. The conveying apparatus is adapted to convey tree-length logs to a debarking drum. To that end, the system includes a foundation and a conveyor disposed vertically above the foundation.

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Self-Centering Debarker Conveyor. Self-centering debarker feeder conveyor, centers the logs automatically in both axles for a smoother and more efficient debarking operation

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The self-centering debarker infeed conveyor is a proven and effective method of centering the log to the debarker. The machine positions the log in both the horizontal and vertical planes, centering the log based on diameter, not weight. This enables it to maintain a true center position relative to the debarker's tool circle resulting in ...

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The CIM Debarker Infeed is a robust design that feeds the log to the debarker's rotor centerline with exceptional reliability. Its auto-centering function allows feeding logs without any log gaps, maximizing the debarking line productivity.

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This debarker have simple and strong structure, low in failure rate and long in service life.The completely sets of roller debarker machine contained : infeed conveyor,debarker part, oulet belt conveyor for barks under the debaker machine,output conveyor for barks,output roller conveyor for logs which have debarked . Principle

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The Cambio debarker will give your operation an edge over the competition: you get the performance you need at the price you want! Debarkers Primary Breakdown Secondary Breakdown Lumber Handling Planing Systems Residual Processing MA-15-E 200704 ©USNR 800.BUY.USNR WWW.USNR.COM INFEED CONVEYOR Self-Centering Infeed Conveyor Special Features and ...

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A selection of live infeed, outfeed decks and belt conveyors for handling logs, sawdust, slabs, boards and cants from your sawmill

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mately 4' from the debarker center section. Cab positions requiring longer hoses are available. Longer outfeed or infeed trough Auxiliary Hydraulic Pumps operated off 50-HP Electric Mo-tor (motor not included) to facilitate independent drive on infeed and outfeed conveyors and to operate additional


Centering Conveyors. Centering Conveyors are auxiliary feeding systems for the A8 High Speed Ring Debarker. For any A8 debarker application with feed speeds above 400fpm (122m/min) Nicholson recommends the installation of its belt type centering infeed conveyor as an auxiliary feeding device.

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Belt Conveyor Outfeed Debarker 24" X 88'. One (1) Used 24" X 88' Debarker Outfeed (Infeed) Belt Conveyor.Heavily built with enclosed portion closest to debarker. Includes herringbone rubber covered drive pulley with split bearings, Dodge TXT825 shaft m...

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Debarking line CAMBIO 45 1.Ramp 2Step feeder (hidraulik) 3.Infeed conveyor 4.Debarker CAMBIO 45 and 2 triangl,rotor AIR TEN,cnife sistem CAMPRO TRIMAX. Becdmu9wjg 5.Bark scraper conveyor. 6.Bark schreder. 7.Out feed conveyor. 8 Ramp 9.Separator more